Mike Manriquez


Mike Manriquez

Mike Manriquez

Michael (aka MJ) is a true fitness trainer, with over 15 years of experience in working with clients on reaching their goals and on challenging them constantly to reach higher levels of  both wellness and overall fitness.  Michael is definitely a dedicated trainer, with a unique way of using various strength training methods to aid clients who want assistance with performing everyday functions as well as those clients who just want to look & feel great.

Michael’s passion for fitness began at the age of fifteen, when some of his neighborhood friends asked him to go workout at their high school gym.  He knew from that point that fitness was his calling and it would  play a huge role in his life.  Having found a new love in fitness he also became involved in various sports, such as indoor and outdoor soccer, tennis, and boxing.  After sustaining some injuries in sports, Michael used his expertise to work with orthopedic doctors, medical doctors,chiropractors, licensed physical therapists, and athletic trainers as a physical therapy technician.  As a physical therapy technician, he uses his knowledge and passion for fitness to aid his clients with both rehabilitation and prehabilitation through safe and effective workouts.

Born and raised in Dallas,Texas, Michael attended Dallas Baptist University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.  He also holds a certification with the Cooper Institute in Biomechanics of Resistance Training, three certifications with the North Texas State Soccer Association in coaching soccer, and most recently, he has become certified with Kettleworx as group instructor utilizing kettlebell weights for cardio, strength and resistance, and core targeted workouts.

Michael currently resides in Lewisville, Texas, with his wife and twin boys.


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